Forty Years of Regenerative Agriculture with David Blume

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At Whiskey Hill Farms, we showcase unique and innovative technologies and methods that we have developed for restoring and improving the land and the Earth. In Watstonville, California, David Blume has built a leading-edge facility that designs, innovates, develops, and shares resources, education, technology, and services that are accelerating farmer adoption of Regenerative Agriculture practices.

On 14 organic acres near Santa Cruz, Whiskey Hill Farms has built out this suite of solutions for regenerative agriculture that is so potent that it impressed NASA as an initial blueprint for Mars food production and environmental design. David Blume’s innovations have been adopted worldwide.

We are looking to ally with larger innovation-focused partners to leverage our ability to provide solutions that elegantly and profitably disrupt current thinking — solutions that set new standards for products using regenerative design, solutions that more efficiently fulfill needs while healing the planet from past poorly designed solutions.

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Stories of past regenerative ag experiences.

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