David Blume: Waste to Profit Systems

Long and wide experience with creating profitable and ecologically sound production systems using food wastes, etc.

realize hidden revenue by harvesting the energy potential in waste streams, reduce waste disposal costs, and more.

Why Customers Buy
Blume System Advantages & Benefits

Profit Center for conversion of waste or purpose-grown feedstocks
Cost of ownership – low cost-per-gallon production
Equipment investment payback in as little as 2 years (see below)
Source of clean, versatile, alcohol fuel + valuable co-products
Rapid deployment – skid-mounted equipment ships anywhere, sets up quickly
Support – remote monitoring assures ease of operation.
Technology – ensures production of high quality fuel from your feedstock
Efficient processing – low energy use and fast processing times
Small footprint … climate protection … energy security … social benefitsEsimated ROI from typical Blume system purchase